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senderistas Andalucia

Welcome to the Senderistas. We are a multinational walking club based in Fuengirola, Southern Spain.


The birth of a walking club.

In 1997 Arthur and Kathleen Bethell were spending 9 months of the year in Spain. They became members of a local walking club which had weekly walks restricted to members only.

After a period of time they discovered there were several other people interested in walking but unable to join the club as it was full. Arthur and Kathleen then, with a group of people based at Puebla Blanca, decided to arrange a programme of walks. These would be open to anyone including residents and visitors.

A meeting was held on 8.1.1998 which 13 people attended and it was decided that we would call our group Peña Senderistas.

The first walk took place on 16.1.1998, 16 walked a distance of 12 kilometres in Entrerrios

A general meeting was held on 12.11.1998 where it was recorded that 13 walks had taken place led by 5 leaders and 8 nationalities amongst the members.

The club has thrived since those early days and many 3 day walking trips have been made to the Natural Parks. The number of leaders has risen to 23 and 30 plus walks are taking place every year.

The aims of the club are not only to take physical exercise but to encourage appreciation of the Spanish countryside and friendship between many nationalities.

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