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Thursday, November 16, 2017

El Chorro mirador de las buitreras Ė Pico Convento Ė Sierra Almorchon

Start Point:
The start of the walk is at the El Kiosko restaurant in the El Chorro area. To get to El Kiosko (from Fuengirola) take the motorway towards Malaga and stay on the new road around Malaga. Exit when you reach exit 232 towards Cartama, stay in the left lane at the exit which takes you under the motorway that you should get on to, A-357. You will be on this one for a long time. Further on it will be converted to a normal road, just go on. Ignore the exits to Pizarra and Alora., continue straight ahead. You should also ignore the exits to Carratraca and Ardales. Just after you have passed Ardales (on your left) you will reach an exit signed MA-5403 El Chorro, exit there on to MA-5403. When you drive on MA-5403 you can see the water reservoir on your left. When you reach a sign saying Parque de Ardales, Presa del Guadalhorce straight ahead you should follow that sign and leave the MA-5403. The sign also says El Chorro to the right; ignore that and go straight ahead. The road is now narrower, more crooked but beautiful. You can see the reservoir all the time. You should pass a camping. Donít go up to the Mirador that is signed a bit later. Just after that sign you will go through a little narrow tunnel. A bit further on, on your right you will find a rather large house; that is the restaurant El Kiosko (thatís how it is spelled on the map but on the restaurant is says El Quiosco which is the correct Spanish spelling). Park on either side of the road and join the rest of us in the bar for a coffee before the walk. Please be at the starting point at 10:30, we will start walking no later than 11:00.
11 km Duration: 4-5 hrs
Meet Point:
Restaurant El Kiosko Ardales
10:30 Leader: Mats Tornborg
The walk starts with a tunnel that is some 100 metres long and very dark so a torch light is very useful. After that we will walk up to 4-5 viewing spots. Looking down we seem to be quite high up; the people doing the Caminito look like ants far below. But the highest point is only at 658 metres (starting at 339) so the walk is not very tough though the classification is hard. The walk is all about views. We will also be able to see some vultures. Last year it took us just over 4 hours with a rather fit crowd.



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