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Walk Details

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Calahonda and Artola Dunes

Start Point:
We will meet in the parking area at 10.30 for the start of the walk. Head towards Marbella on the A7, passing the Sitio de Calahonda sign and slowing to take the next exit signed Calahonda, Cambio de Sentido (also known as the Mcdonalds roundabout). Go back under the motorway and take the exit for Fuengirola, which takes you back along the A7. From Marbella, head towards Fuengirola, past the first exit for Calahonda. Everybody should now pass the sign that says AP7 500 metres and go under a footbridge, pass a bus stop and pull in at the green bollard onto the service road. The overhead sign says Peaje, AP7 Malaga/Algeciras, Calahonda. IMMEDIATELY brake and take the right turn on Calle Alhamar (just past the recycling bins. If you overshoot you will have to go quite a way to try again!). Parking is on both sides of Calle Alhamar. Coffee is available, for those that want it, over the footbridge in a variety of café’s.
8 km Duration: 2.5 hrs
Meet Point:
10:30 Leader: Andrew Thomson
The walk is easy and on good paths, boardwalk, with a short pavement section through Cabopino and then on to the boardwalk around the Artola Dunes so the going is mainly flat or gently undulating except for one, very short, uphill (down on the way back). Some people may prefer to use a stick at this point. We return via Cabopino port and then pick up the route back the way we came.



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